Plans to close hundreds of rail ticket offices in England have been scrapped with Transport Secretary Mark Harper saying that the government has asked train operators to withdraw their proposals because they failed to meet high passenger standards.
British tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates should be wary of the increased threat of terrorist attacks, according to the latest advice from the Foreign Office (FCDO).
At the time of writing this review I was unable to “test drive” an Away Carry-on direct from them but, I have a friend who has one and she very kindly loaned to me for research purposes of course!
Virgin Atlantic is dropping its Heathrow service to Austin following a network review as the airline prepares to return to full capacity in 2024.
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed luxury tour operator Luxtripper had almost 200 customers abroad when it ceased trading at the end of last week.
“CONSERVUS” meaning keeper of the keys. The French word for concierge, a person who took care of the royal families from the Middle Ages and essentially went on to look after hotels and now airports.
The operator of air traffic control in Britain has been told that it can raise its charges by 36 per cent over the next four years as it tries to sort out its problems after a troubled post-Covid period.
Heathrow airport has been ordered to cut average passenger charges by about 20% next year, in a move that could translate to lower ticket prices for travellers.
One of the most memorable experiences I had recently was taking a day trip to Kent on the Belmont Orient Express. It was like stepping back in time to the golden age of travel, with luxurious carriages, elegant decor and impeccable service.