Embarking on a solo adventure at sea? Fear not, for the world of cruise travel has evolved to cater specifically to solo cruises and those seeking a cruise for singles.
As Europe grapples with the pervasive issue of overcrowding in its most popular cities, innovative strategies beyond mere financial solutions are taking centre stage in 2024.
If you’re feeling a bit fancy (or you’re an airline club member), many choose to make themselves comfortable in an airport lounge as they await their flight. But not all lounges are created equal.
Some ski resorts around Europe have had an early start to their ski season, all thanks to the large amounts of snowfall they have been receiving.
The concept of a tourist tax is not completely novel. In Europe, countries such as Greece, Spain, and Germany have had city taxes for a long time, and hotel taxes are present in many tourist spots, including US states.
According to recent research, four in five business travellers will experience poor mental health and heightened stress, anxiety, exhaustion and loneliness during work trips.  
“CONSERVUS” meaning keeper of the keys. The French word for concierge, a person who took care of the royal families from the Middle Ages and essentially went on to look after hotels and now airports.
It’s that time of year again and we all love a Christmas Market so a roundup of some of the Christmas markets around the UK.
TMC consortium Advantage Travel Partnership has revealed more “positive” evidence of the rebound in corporate travel this year, particularly for the SME market.
More and more people are becoming healthy conscious, with Fentiman’s Market Report from 2023 finding that 70% of consumers are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.