Mastering air travel etiquette: Steer clear of these irritating behaviours

ByAndrea Thompson

April 2, 2024

Air travel, though often exciting, can be a social balancing act. To guarantee a pleasant journey for everyone, let’s explore common social blunders to steer clear of.

Drinking too much alcohol on the flight.  Nobody wants a rowdy seatmate at 30,000 feet. Enjoy a drink in moderation but don’t over indulge

Queue-jumpers.  English respect a queue but there is always that one person who thinks he is more than entitled to jump it.

Reclining your seat while the food and drinks are served.  Flight attendants normally ask that seats are in the upright position.  Wait until mealtime is over and then recline.

Reclining your seat during the flight.  Some passengers find the seat being reclined for any part of the flight is a no no!  If you must recline then check with the person behind you first.

Standing up as soon as the plane lands.   As the Captain says all passengers should remain seated.  Standing up and trying to rush does not get you off any quicker.

Leaving bags on the seat to get comfortable when you’re trying to sit down.  Just be respectful to your fellow passengers you only have one seat.

Double arm rest monopoliser. Don’t you hate those elbows.

Draping hair over the back of the seat.   I have never actually experienced this but seen pictures. Why?

Taking up multiple seats in the departure lounge. People who travel together, like to sit together. There is no reason to assume extra seats for your personal belongings.

Not separating liquids into the plastic bag before security. How long has this rule been in place and still you encounter someone who doesn’t understand what constitutes a liquid and size of the container.

Not having passports or boarding passes to hand. I understand you want to keep these safe, but they are a requirement for checking in and boarding.

Taking shoes or socks off on the plane. What they don’t realise is the number of bacteria on the floor and don’t get me started about the toilet floors.

Over-packing and holding up the queue whilst trying to repack bags.  Always happens whilst queueing for low cost airlines.

Remember, good manners makes air travel more pleasant for everyone. So, next time you fly, be considerate so we can all enjoy the journey!