BoTree hotel
With the ski season already in progress we look at the little-known cheaper resorts that are true hidden gems.
This townhouse styled hotel which opened in November 2023, comprising of 57 rooms and suite, restaurant, bar and private dining room was the childhood dream of gaming entrepreneur Noel Hayden and a group of friends. 
Just 2 hours from London and in a forgotten part of Suffolk, you will find the Wilderness Reserve. A private Estate of over 8,000 acres that has been fully restored to its previous glory by owner Jon Hunt.
Mandarin Oriental Milan
It takes a brave person to plan and open a hotel in Central London during covid, but this German hotel brand AMANO did exactly that.
At the time of writing this review I was unable to “test drive” an Away Carry-on direct from them but, I have a friend who has one and she very kindly loaned to me for research purposes of course!
“CONSERVUS” meaning keeper of the keys. The French word for concierge, a person who took care of the royal families from the Middle Ages and essentially went on to look after hotels and now airports.
One of the most memorable experiences I had recently was taking a day trip to Kent on the Belmont Orient Express. It was like stepping back in time to the golden age of travel, with luxurious carriages, elegant decor and impeccable service.