Hotel Etiquette: Understanding what items, you may or may not take with you

ByAndrea Thompson

April 15, 2024

It is always nice to have a small memento of your holiday to bring home whether it be a magnet or snow globe but there is always the odd person who goes too far!

These particular souvenirs are not so much what you buy from the local souvenir shop but more a little keepsake found in a hotel room.

People may take items for various reasons. Some individuals might feel entitled to take certain items because they believe this is covered in the cost of their and justifies taking.  In some cases, the thrill of taking something without permission or the desire to have a piece of the luxury experience at home could also be motivating factors.

It is important to know which items you can take, and which are off-limits.

Items You Can Take:

  • Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and body lotions are typically provided for your use.
  • Stationary: Pens, notepaper, and postcards often contain the hotel’s logo and considered free advertising.
  • Slippers: Usually disposable and for a one time use only.
  • Coffee and Tea: Packets of coffee, creamer, sugar, and tea are complimentary.

Items You Cannot Take:

  • Towels and Linens: Sheets, towels and blankets are meant to stay in the room.
  • Robes: Unless specifically stated as a gift.
  • Electronics: Items like hairdryers, irons and clock radios are the property of the hotel.
  • Décor: Painting, lamps, and other decorative items are not to be removed.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether an item is complimentary or not, it’s best to ask the hotel staff to avoid any potential charges to your bill, a fine or even criminal charges. Enjoy your stay and the complimentary items but leave the rest for the next guests.