So, what type of airport attendee are you?

ByAndrea Thompson

April 29, 2024

Are you the explorer, the dasher, the shopper, or perhaps the connoisseur of the revenue seat?

The Early Explorer:

  • Traits: This traveller arrives well ahead of time, often with a meticulously planned itinerary. They relish the airport ambiance, using the extra minutes to explore shops, grab a coffee, and people-watch.
  • Purpose: Early explorers appreciate the airport as a microcosm of life, where every sign and pathway tells a story. They notice the black-and-yellow signs, designed for maximum visibility, and recognize the sleek Helvetica font as the unofficial safe airport typeface.
  • Tip: If you’re an early explorer, embrace the journey – you’re not just travelling; you’re experiencing the whole airport.

The Last-Minute Dasher:

  • Traits: These adrenaline junkies thrive on the thrill of barely making it. They dash through security, passport in hand, heart racing. For them, the departure lounge is a blur – a means to an end.
  • Purpose: Efficiency is their mantra. They don’t linger; they sprint. Gate numbers remain a mystery until the final call – a clever ploy by airport bosses to keep them moving.
  • Tip: If you’re a last-minute dasher, remember to breathe. The airport isn’t just a race; it’s part of your journey.

The Tempted Shopper:

  • Traits: Post-security, these travellers become putty in advertisers’ hands. Duty-free perfumes, designer shoes, and chic handbags beckon. Their wallets quiver in anticipation.
  • Purpose: Airport bosses strategically position retail displays to catch their eye. No gate assignment? No problem – just browse. The lack of seating encourages exploration.
  • Tip: If you’re a tempted shopper, indulge wisely. That perfume might be irresistible, but your gate awaits.

The Revenue Seat Seeker:

  • Traits: These savvy individuals know the game. They spot the “revenue seats” – chairs facing the shops. They sip coffee, eyes darting between gate screens and enticing displays.
  • Purpose: Revenue seat seekers are part of the airport’s revenue ecosystem. Fewer seats mean more browsing, and more spending. Who wants to sit when there’s shopping to be done?
  • Tip: If you’re a revenue seat seeker, enjoy the view. Your gate will announce itself eventually – just keep those eyes peeled.

Airports serve as more than just transit hubs; they’re also prime spots for people-watching and, of course, shopping!