Wanderlust: An intense desire to travel!

ByAndrea Thompson

April 30, 2024

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, the mere idea of escaping to a far-off land or a tranquil retreat can bring a smile to one’s face. Those with wanderlust often experience a relentless desire to plan journeys and explore new destinations.

However, it’s not solely the act of traveling that elevates our mood; the very process of planning a trip also plays a significant role in boosting our happiness. Numerous studies have investigated this phenomenon, uncovering a profound link between the planning of a journey and a heightened sense of joy.

The anticipation of future travel can significantly boost mood and mindset. The act of selecting destinations, accommodations, and activities provides a delightful distraction and a sense of hopefulness for better times ahead. It’s a form of delayed gratification that keeps us motivated and excited.  A recent study found a staggering 97% of those questioned felt happier when they had a trip planned.

The act of planning a trip does more than just make us feel good; it also has mental health benefits. Even thinking about a trip can give your brain a boost, linking travel planning to greater happiness, empathy, and creativity. The mental exercise of organizing a trip requires imagination and foresight, which can enhance cognitive functions and provide a sense of accomplishment.

It has been scientific proven that people are at their happiest when they have a vacation planned. This happiness is not just about the destination but also about the journey of planning itself. The research suggests that the social interactions and conversations sparked by trip planning contribute to its joy-inducing effect.

In essence, planning a trip is akin to planting seeds of joy that will blossom into cherished memories. It’s a creative process that engages the mind, encourages positive thinking, and fosters connections with others. Whether it’s charting a course for adventure or envisioning a peaceful retreat, the act of planning is a journey in itself—one that leads to a happier state of being.

The thought of exploring new horizons offers a beacon of hope. It’s a reminder that beyond the immediate horizon lies a world of experiences waiting to be discovered. So, the next time you find yourself mapping out your future travels, know that you’re not just planning a trip but enriching your course towards happiness.