How the holiday season affects supply chain and your business

ByTravelling For Business

December 20, 2022
It is no surprise to most businesses that the mad rush of Christmas causes a huge impact to the supply chain of your business.It is no surprise to most businesses that the mad rush of Christmas causes a huge impact to the supply chain of your business.

It is no surprise to most businesses that the mad rush of Christmas causes a huge impact to the supply chain of your business.

Forecasting these major changes will hold you in good stead when it comes to finding efficient logistical solutions to combat the highs and lows of the holiday season.

What factors will affect a businesses supply chain?

X2 take a look at the factors you may be facing that could stand in the way of a seamless and carefree supply chain.

Predicting Customer Demand

‘Great!’- demand for your goods or products has increased tenfold from last year and the average invoice amount has had a 30% increase.

But how are you going to deliver these orders? From production efficiency and management to logistical solutions, you’ll need to make sure you have the right 3rd party companies onside to help you deliver all of your orders.

Pre determining growth and increase on your orders is a conversation you should be having with suppliers and logistics in advance. By having these conversations early doors based on the last two years growth report, you’ll be able to predict and prepare for larger than expected orders and their delivery without searching for last minute solutions.

Communication Issues

Your suppliers, manufacturers and distributors will all be working round the clock to not just keep you happy but all of their clients happy. With the rush of last minute demands to meet unexpected deliverables, communication can boil over or even worse, get missed.

Understanding the pace of which your contractors are working will help you have transparency on your supply chain.

An altered invoice or change in delivery address can halt the progression of your supply chain. Having a 3rd party transport and logistical company who you trust and have brilliant communication with, will iron out a lot of these missed and lost opportunities to keep delivery on track and on time.

Speak to one of our team today to learn about our transport solutions for your business.

X2 is full of big company experience with a small company ethos  – you’ll always feel like you’re dealing with real people at the end of the phone who understand your logistical issues.

Postal Strikes

With postal strikes on the rise this winter, companies have been exploring their logistical approach. Whether you’re a larger company, or a company who has just taken that step into needing a transport solution you might want to consider all your options which could eliminate stress, delays and financial implications.

With the likelihood of more postal strikes throughout the next year, are you in a position to not rely on interruptions?

Weather-Related Logistical Problems

If you manage your own transport fleet to meet the needs of your orders, you’ll know all too well how stressful it is to keep track of invoices, order amounts, drivers and maintenance of the vehicle – yes there are lots of breakdowns in the cold weather which cause massive delays.

And this isn’t just a winter thing. As we all saw in the summer of 2022, heat waves are causing disruption to businesses’ supply chains. Whether you have your own fleet, semi fleet solution or full 3rd party management over your transportation, it’s always reassuring to have a logistic company with customer support who can help you through the rough and unpredictable times.

Finding the right logistical solution for you

If you’d like to explore our services at X2 and how they can service you, get in touch today and talk to our highly experienced team. We know not one size fits all and that’s why we have a variety of logistical solutions to suit your needs.