Antigua: Where Paradise Paints Itself in Turquoise and Gold

ByAndrea Thompson

March 7, 2024

If (well obviously) a beach beckons, then Antigua is the place to be.  With 365 beaches and as they advertise “one for each day of the year”, Antigua is the Caribbean’s sun-kissed darling.  Whether you crave solitude then Half Moon Bay is the one for you or lively vibes that would be Curtain Bluff then Antigua’s shores can write you name in seashells.

There is more to Antigua than beach towels and sunscreen.

  • Nelson’s Dockyard is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Imagine a time around the 18th century where sailors and pirates clicked mugs of grog at the Admirals Inn, order a Rum Old Fashioned and taste the salty air on your tongue.  Where Horatio Nelson walked the cobblestones, the clatter of boots, the creaks of the riggings and wooden warships anchored in this sheltered haven.  The harbour’s natural design is legendary for being hurricane proof.  Now used for prestigious regattas, Yacht meetings and a marina for luxury yachts to anchor.
  • Sugar Mills and Plantations where you can wander among the remnants of the sweet past.  The air smells of molasses, the dark nectar used in rum.  Today the sugar mills stand as silent witnesses.  Their remains telling stories of labour, resilience, and exploitation.
  • Jungle Adventures where you can zip through the rainforest canopy, high five a toucan or let your inner Tarzan take over.
  • It goes without saying there are so many places to dive and snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters for such sights as coral gardens, shipwrecks and of course fish well marine life!
  • Sunsets at Shirley Heights, climb up this old gun station, a weathered witness to centuries of maritime dramas now turned into a restaurant and every Sunday join the locals that gather here for live music, food, drink and as the sun dips watch the sunset said to be the sky blushing.

Antigua’s cuisine – with so many dishes here are some you should sample.

  • Goat Curry: Spicy, soul-warming, and served with a side of reggae beats.
  • Yellow-Fin Tuna Tartar: Fusion magic on a plate.
  • Sticky Pork with Papaya: Sweet and sticky, and utterly addictive.
  • Rum Old Fashioned: Sip it slow; let the rum tell the stories.
  • Saltfish: cod preserved with salt, soaked or boiled to remove the salt, then flaked and cooked with onions, tomatoes, and garlic.
  • Chop Up: A soft mash of boiled vegetables—callaloo, eggplants, and okra.
  • Antigua Raisin Bun:  buttered with a slice of cheese. A breakfast delight
  • Johnny Cakes: Crunchy and golden on the outside, soft and fluffy inside.

From the sea’s bounty to spice-laden pots, Antigua’s cuisine is an island love on a plate.

So why visit Antigua?  Just when you think you’ve figured it out everything changes from beach bum to rainforest explorer, from curry lover to haute cuisine connoisseur all you have to do is lay back, leave your worries behind and let Antigua serenade you to its rhythm.