6 tips & tricks for planning business travel

ByTravelling For Business

February 25, 2020
Business Travel

There are many hints out there for how to get the most out of your business travel, thousands if not millions of tips and tricks.

That’s why this condensed list of 6 is what we’ve found most useful when planning your first, second, hundredth or with the way society is now, millionth business trip….think about the carbon footprint for that though.

  1. There’s something we all know now that we have google maps and that is of course navigation and the joys of arriving somewhere in an expected time, however imagine for a moment that your phone battery dies and you haven’t made it to the airport yet! Do yourself a favour and learn the map so that you can get there no matter what the circumstances. This goes for getting around new cities as well, never rely solely on technology it can and will eventually let you down. Charge everything before you leave.
  2. Long or short always make sure you have spare essentials. Some clothing and some toiletries seem standard but if you place them in a bag that gets lost that leaves you in a spot of trouble.
  3. Assume the frequent position early on. There’s no point in putting off the joining of clubs, just in case you won’t travel ‘that much’. If you join with expectation then your business will follow suit, you will commit to more meetings and travel, to make it worthwhile.
  4. Compare anything and everything. There are countless comparison sites out there that will fulfil every need, Skyscanner.net or com are just a couple that will allow you to save money and see all options available.
  5. Routine is key. If you have a certain breakfast at home and stick to a certain exercise routine at home, then take these with you. Your mind is a funny thing if it believes it’s at home it will operate as such, therefore the excessive travel won’t stop you operating at exactly the same heights as if you were on home soil.
  6. Pictures aren’t just for showing others. If you are somewhere new it’s a lot to ask of yourself to remember where everything is, like your hotel or even where you parked the car (Very important one, has happened, we don’t like it) so that you can focus solely on the reason you are there. Funny stories about getting lost are great for being on holiday but every meeting is another job interview so treat it that way.

This can’t go in here enough, when you are on business travel keep your mind on business watch. It’s when we start to pretend that we are on holiday that’s when things slip away, then make sure that every fourth or fifth trip you tack a little day holiday on the end, for you, as a reward.