Some ski resorts around Europe have had an early start to their ski season, all thanks to the large amounts of snowfall they have been receiving.

Some ski resorts around Europe have had an early start to their ski season, all thanks to the large amounts of snowfall they have been receiving.

In the early weeks of November, the Alps experienced a dramatic change from the previous month’s hot weather to near-freezing conditions and a heavy snowfall.

Early on in the month, a few mountains had more than a metre of new snowfall; however, unfavorable climate conditions have resulted in the snow at lower heights melting, as well as considerable flooding.

Gilles Brunot, who is responsible from Meteo France in Chamonix, states that snow cover in the 1,500-1,700m range has completely vanished and that there has been a decline in snow amount in the 1,500-2,500m altitude.

In contrast, there is an air of optimism in other regions as the season begins.

Managing Director of holiday company Ski Solutions, Ian McIlrath, informed Travel Weekly that for the last two weeks, storms have been continuously hitting the Alps, resulting in more than 100cm of snowfall on the upper slopes.

The groundwork for a remarkable winter is set, and with predictions of more snow in the forecast, I believe this could be one of the finest beginnings of a ski season I have seen.

The McIIrath have reported that the extraordinary circumstances have caused a sudden spike in bookings. has presented a 10 percent decrease in the cost of flights to some winter ski locations including Chambery, Geneva, Grenoble, and Salzburg.

What is the beginning date of the 2023 ski season in Europe?

Skiers have been delighted to learn that, due to the abundant snow already on the slopes and more to come, several ski resorts have advanced their openings.

Much to the joy of avid skiers, the well-known ski resorts of Tignes and Val Thorens in France declared that they would open a week in advance of the expected date on November 18th.

Gallay, a skier from La Clusaz (Hautes-Alpes), expressed her excitement, noting that the slopes in her hometown wouldn’t be open until December. “I’m delighted to be [at Val Thorens] and get to experience the first snowfall,” she said.

In Tignes, winter sports enthusiasts can take advantage of 1,300 metres of ski trails.

Austrian ski resorts Kitzbuhel and Solden have opened two weeks ahead of schedule, boasting 60 kilometres of vertical terrain for skiers to enjoy.

Nine destinations in Switzerland have already resumed operations, these include the popular locations of Davos, Zermatt and Verbier, which kicked off three weeks ahead of schedule.

Ski resorts in Italy have recently been blessed with almost one meter of snowfall, leading to Madonna di Campiglio advancing their opening day to 18 November.

Ski resorts in Europe are impacted by climate change

Europe’s ski resorts, which have had difficulty in a time of global warming, have been granted a much-needed blessing in the form of the bumper snowfall.

A dearth of snow has obliged certain ski resorts situated at lower elevations to shutter their doors.

Recently, activists have been advocating for public investment to be used to support other mountain activities instead of attempting to save ski slopes that are located at a lower altitude than usual, such as the resort that overlooks Italy’s Lake Como.

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