British Airways launches corporate tool to manage emissions

ByTravelling For Business

October 26, 2022
British Airways is creating a new platform for corporates to measure, manage and reduce their carbon emissions from flights.

British Airways is creating a new platform for corporates to measure, manage and reduce their carbon emissions from flights.

The carrier is working with specialist technology firm Chooose to create the CO2llaborate platform for companies, which features a dashboard showing emissions from their business travel, as well as receiving monthly reports.

Organisations will be able to reduce these emissions by selecting specific climate solutions, including purchasing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and contributing to certified carbon offset projects.

The corporate platform enables users to track and report on their climate impact over time and learn about the mitigating solutions they can support.

British Airways is also enhancing its carbon offsetting tool for individual passengers, which allows them to buy carbon offsets and SAF. The improved service will feature more precise emissions calculations and an adjustable slider to give customers “more control” over the amount of SAF or offsets they wish to purchase.

Passengers can access the platform from their seat during a flight, or at any time before or after their journey through the main British Airways website.

The SAF featured on the CO2llaborate platform is supplied from the Phillips 66 plant in Humberside, which uses waste cooking oil to create the sustainable fuel and is then delivered to British Airways through an existing pipeline infrastructure into its hub at London Heathrow airport.

Carrie Harris, director of sustainability at British Airways, said: “We know that many of our customers want to fly with sustainability in mind and while we work on delivering our own short, medium and long-term initiatives to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we know many of our customers want to take action today too.

“This new CO2allobarate platform further empowers our customers to make sustainable choices when flying with us. We look forward to working with Chooose to evolve the platform as we continue to drive the decarbonisation of our industry.” 

BA’s sister airline Iberia is also working with Chooose to launch a carbon offsetting programme for passengers after unveiling a corporate tool earlier in the year.

Andreas Slettvoll, CEO and founder of Chooose, added: “Partnering with British Airways is a true milestone in bringing climate solutions to both leisure and corporate travellers. British Airways has always been a north star to us in innovation in the airline industry and we are proud to support them in their relentless work on their most important journey yet, their journey to net zero.”