CAA Chair Sir Stephen Hillier Re-appointed Until 2028

ByTravelling For Business

March 5, 2024
Sir Stephen HillierSir Stephen Hillier ( Chairman of the UK Civil Aviation Authority )Sir Stephen Hillier

Sir Stephen Hillier has been re-appointed as the Chair of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), extending his tenure until July 31, 2028.

Since assuming the role in August 2020, Sir Stephen has been instrumental in overseeing the CAA’s core responsibilities of safeguarding safety, security, and consumer interests within the aviation industry.

Throughout his leadership, Sir Stephen successfully navigated the CAA through various challenges, including the pandemic response, the UK’s departure from the European Aviation Safety Agency, and the organization’s expanded role in aviation sustainability and future flight technologies. Additionally, under his guidance, the CAA assumed the role of the UK’s space regulator.

Sir Stephen also spearheaded the CAA’s engagement with the government’s public body review, ensuring the organization’s alignment with regulatory standards and objectives. Looking ahead, Sir Stephen reiterated his commitment to upholding the CAA’s regulatory mandate as mandated by Parliament, prioritizing passenger protection and fostering the growth of the aerospace sector to uphold the UK’s global leadership position.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper commended Sir Stephen’s leadership, acknowledging his invaluable contributions during a challenging period for aviation. He expressed confidence in the CAA’s continued effectiveness under Sir Stephen’s guidance as the industry transitions towards new technologies, innovation, and decarbonization.

Sir Stephen affirmed his dedication to maintaining the CAA’s status as a world-leading regulator, emphasizing the agency’s proactive approach to safety, security, and consumer welfare. He underscored the pivotal role of the CAA’s workforce in driving the organization’s forward-looking and efficient operations.

As Sir Stephen embarks on another term, his re-appointment signals continuity and stability in the leadership of the CAA, ensuring ongoing commitment to excellence in regulatory oversight and industry advancement.