Ryanair Introduces Convenient Twilight Bag Drop Service at Manchester Airport

ByTravelling For Business

August 14, 2023
Ryanair is to introduce another four routes in summer 2023 from its new base at Belfast International airport.

Ryanair has recently launched a new and convenient service for its customers flying from Manchester airport.

The airline now offers a twilight bag drop service, allowing passengers with early morning flights to drop off their bags the evening before, saving them time and hassle at the airport. This free-of-charge service aims to enhance the overall travel experience for Ryanair customers and reduce queuing times at check-in.

The Benefits of the Twilight Bag Drop Service

Passengers flying with Ryanair from Manchester airport before 0800 can now take advantage of the twilight bag drop service. Instead of arriving at the airport early in the morning and waiting in long queues to check-in their bags, customers can conveniently drop them off between 1900 and 2200 the evening before their flight. This allows passengers to have a more relaxed start to their journey and eliminates the stress of rushing to the airport in the early hours.

To utilize the twilight bag drop service, passengers are advised to proceed to the carrier’s check-in desks at Manchester airport’s Terminal 3 as they would normally. Clear signage for the ‘Twilight Bag Drop’ directs customers to the designated area. Ryanair’s commitment to providing a seamless travel experience is evident in the introduction of this complimentary service, which aims to make the check-in process hassle-free for passengers.

The new ‘Twilight Bag Drop’ service is particularly beneficial for families or groups traveling on early morning flights. Instead of managing multiple bags and tired children during the early hours, families can drop off their checked bags the evening before and enjoy a more relaxed start to their trip. This service allows families and groups to make the most of their time at the airport and ensures a smoother travel experience for everyone involved.

Similar Services at Other UK Airports

Ryanair’s twilight bag drop service at Manchester airport follows the recent trend of UK airports introducing similar services. Virgin Atlantic, for example, reinstated its twilight check-in service at Manchester airport in May, marking its return since the Covid-19 pandemic. This service provides passengers with the flexibility to drop off their bags the evening before their flight, just like Ryanair’s twilight bag drop service. Additionally, Glasgow airport has also introduced a new Twilight Bag Drop service, catering to easyJet and Jet2 customers.

As Manchester’s No.1 airline, Ryanair is constantly striving to improve the travel experience for its passengers. The introduction of the twilight bag drop service at Manchester airport is a testament to this commitment. Jade Kirwan, Ryanair’s head of communications, expressed her excitement about the new initiative, stating, “This complimentary service will further improve our passengers’ overall travel experience and reduce airport queuing times for those taking early morning flights.”