Travelodge reaches milestone with London opening of 600th hotel

ByTravelling For Business

April 29, 2024
Travelodge has reached a significant milestone with the opening of its 600th property, marking a new chapter in the brand's expansion.

Travelodge has reached a significant milestone with the opening of its 600th property, marking a new chapter in the brand’s expansion.

The latest addition, the London Oval Cricket Ground Travelodge, boasts 95 rooms and is situated within the renowned cricket venue in south London. Developed in collaboration with Surrey County Cricket Club, this hotel embodies Travelodge’s commitment to providing affordable accommodation in prime locations.

Among its standout features is the introduction of Travelodge’s innovative restaurant concept, the 85 Bar Café. Furthermore, sustainability lies at the heart of the hotel’s design, with various eco-friendly initiatives incorporated. These include the use of heat pumps for hot water, facilities for electric vehicle charging, rooftop solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and water-saving measures such as aerated showers and taps.

Jo Boydell, Travelodge’s chief executive, emphasised the hotel’s adherence to high standards and sustainability principles. The property showcases the brand’s new premium aesthetic, featuring redesigned reception areas and next-generation rooms designed to enhance the guest experience.

The London Oval hotel represents Travelodge’s ongoing expansion efforts, particularly in the UK capital, where it now operates 81 locations. Additionally, construction is underway for three more hotels in Bermondsey, Beckenham, and Chiswick, with plans for a new property in Stratford slated to commence later this year. Beyond London, Travelodge is extending its footprint with upcoming developments in Rotherham, Colchester, and Bristol.

Moreover, Travelodge’s recent acquisition of six Spanish properties from Louvre Hotels Group has bolstered its presence in Spain, where it now operates 12 hotels. Looking ahead, Boydell expressed the brand’s commitment to further growth, with over 300 potential locations identified for new hotels across the UK and 20 target sites in Spain. These expansions aim to not only create job opportunities but also offer greater choice and value for both business and leisure travellers.