United to allow loyalty members to pool their miles with friends and family

ByTravelling For Business

March 25, 2024
United Airlines seeks DOT approval for new daily flights between Washington National (DCA) and San Francisco International (SFO), aiming to provide more nonstop options and enhanced connectivity. An alternate proposal includes the first-ever DCA-Los Angeles (LAX) route.

United Airlines has launched a new feature for its MileagePlus loyalty program, enabling members to merge their miles with family and friends into a shared account.

This initiative allows groups of up to five MileagePlus members, whether they are relatives or friends, to collectively utilise their miles within a joint account.

The individual who creates the pool, referred to as the “pool leader,” must be at least 18 years old. However, there is no minimum age requirement for the other four members, as the MileagePlus program is open to all ages without restrictions.

Upon logging into their MileagePlus account, members will receive instructions on how to contribute miles to the shared pool and how to redeem pooled miles for award flights on United and United Express. There are no limitations on the number of miles that can be contributed to a pool, and pooled miles are eligible for use when booking flights through United.com or the mobile app.

It’s important to note that contributing miles to the pool will not affect an individual member’s Premier status. Only members traveling on tickets purchased with pooled miles will earn any eligible Premier qualifying points (PQP). Additionally, Premier qualifying flights (PQF), PlusPoints, and TravelBank cash cannot be pooled.

For example, a group of friends planning a summer getaway can combine some or all of their individual miles into a central pool. These pooled miles can then be used to purchase flights or offset ticket costs.

Luc Bondar, Chief Operating Officer of MileagePlus, emphasised the benefits of this new feature, stating that MileagePlus miles pooling reinforces United’s position as a leader in family and group travel. He noted that this initiative provides members with more flexibility to use their miles while making it easier to connect with loved ones and create meaningful travel experiences.

In comparison, JetBlue in the United States allows up to seven TrueBlue members to combine points, while Frontier Airlines permits eight members to pool points.