What every business traveller needs to know about cimexophobia – the fear of bedbugs!

ByTravelling For Business

October 10, 2023

With the latest reports in the media that France has been hit by a plague of bedbugs, business travellers should be vigilant and here is what you should know.

Late summer always shows a big increase in bedbugs.  This is due to the high number of travellers over July and August and these little critters love to hitch a ride in our luggage.

Bedbugs are a pest but not an immediate danger they are not known to transmit diseases and although their bits are not pleasant it is more the psychological trauma associated with them that literally makes your skin crawl.

Bites are often found in a line or grouped and are raised, itchy and red or purple in colour.  They are mainly found on your face, arms, or neck.

What most don’t realise, not only are bedbugs found on clothing, furniture, bed frames and behind wallpaper, they are also frequent travellers on public transport, avid moviegoers and love a public place.

With the use of pesticides, sanitising and cleaning products, causing the decline of their natural predators such as cockroaches bedbugs have become extremely resilient making them difficult to control.

Check your hotel room thoroughly for:

  • Blood spots on the sheets or mattress.
  • Small brown spots on bedding and furniture
  • A sweet sickly smell in the room would indicate a bed bug infestation.

Tips to avoid those unwanted travellers:

  • Store clothes in plastic bags.
  • Use the luggage rack.
  • Wash all clothing on a hot wash and tumble dry on a high heat.
  • Use a bed bug spray before and after