How to Maximise Your Bleisure Time: Tips from Frequent Travellers


June 9, 2024
In the fast-paced world of business travel, the opportunity to blend work and leisure—coined as "bleisure" travel—has become increasingly attractive.

In the fast-paced world of business travel, the opportunity to blend work and leisure—coined as “bleisure” travel—has become increasingly attractive.

For many UK professionals, bleisure offers a chance to unwind and explore new destinations while fulfilling work commitments. Here, seasoned business travellers share their top tips on how to make the most of your bleisure time.

Packing Smartly for Both Business and Leisure

One of the key challenges of bleisure travel is packing efficiently for both professional and leisure activities. Frequent traveller Sarah Johnson, a marketing executive, emphasises the importance of versatility. “Choose clothing that can transition from a business meeting to a casual outing,” she advises. “A smart blazer can work for a conference and a dinner out.”

Investing in lightweight, wrinkle-resistant clothing is a game-changer. Use packing cubes to organise your suitcase and consider a carry-on to avoid the hassle of checked luggage. Essential items like a travel-sized steamer, multi-purpose shoes, and accessories can also help you maintain a professional appearance while enjoying your leisure time.

Scheduling Meetings to Allow for Leisure Time

Effective scheduling is crucial for balancing work and leisure. Business consultant James O’Connor recommends planning meetings strategically. “Whenever possible, I schedule meetings at the start or end of my trip,” he says. “This way, I have a clear block of time dedicated to either business or leisure.”

If meetings are spread throughout the day, make use of early mornings or late afternoons for sightseeing or relaxation. Block out leisure time in your calendar just as you would for a business appointment. This not only helps you stay organised but also ensures that you prioritise your well-being.

Choosing Hotels That Cater to Both Business and Leisure Needs

Selecting the right accommodation can significantly enhance your bleisure experience. Look for hotels that offer business amenities such as conference rooms, high-speed internet, and workspaces, as well as leisure facilities like pools, gyms, and spas.

Frequent traveller and IT manager Michael Davies suggests considering the hotel’s location. “Staying in a central location allows you to easily switch between work and leisure activities,” he notes. “It’s convenient to have restaurants, attractions, and business centres within walking distance.”

Many hotels now offer bleisure packages, combining business services with leisure perks. These can include complimentary tours, spa treatments, or dining discounts, making it easier to enjoy your downtime without additional planning.

Leveraging Loyalty Programs for Upgrades and Perks

Travel loyalty programs can be a valuable asset for bleisure travellers. Accumulating points through frequent travel can lead to upgrades, free nights, and exclusive perks. “Being loyal to a particular airline or hotel chain has its benefits,” says finance director Laura Green. “I’ve enjoyed room upgrades, access to executive lounges, and even free meals.”

Make sure to sign up for loyalty programs and take advantage of their offerings. Elite status can provide additional benefits such as priority check-in, late check-out, and complimentary services that enhance your overall travel experience.

Using Technology to Stay Connected While Enjoying Leisure Activities

Staying connected while on the go is essential for bleisure travellers. Business analyst Richard Thompson relies on technology to balance work and leisure. “I use apps to manage my itinerary, track expenses, and stay in touch with my team,” he explains. “This allows me to handle urgent tasks quickly, so I can spend more time enjoying my destination.”

Consider using travel apps to book activities, find local attractions, and get real-time updates on flight statuses. Portable chargers, mobile hotspots, and noise-cancelling headphones are also handy gadgets that keep you connected and productive, whether you’re in a meeting or exploring a new city.

Finding the Right Balance: Prioritising Your Well-Being

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is at the heart of successful bleisure travel. Frequent traveller and HR manager Emily Brown emphasises the importance of self-care. “It’s easy to get caught up in work, but taking time for yourself is crucial,” she says. “I always make sure to schedule some downtime, whether it’s a spa visit, a walk in the park, or simply relaxing with a book.”

Incorporate wellness activities into your routine, such as yoga, meditation, or exercise. Many hotels offer wellness programs and fitness facilities that can help you stay active and refreshed. Eating healthily and staying hydrated are also vital to keeping your energy levels up during busy trips.

Real Stories: Bleisure Success from UK Professionals

Real-life experiences can provide valuable insights into effective bleisure travel. Marketing director Tom Harris shares his story of a recent trip to Tokyo. “I had meetings scheduled for the first two days and spent the remaining time exploring the city,” he recalls. “It was incredible to experience the culture, food, and sights while also achieving my business goals.”

Similarly, project manager Anna Lewis found her bleisure trip to Berlin highly rewarding. “I attended a tech conference and then took a few days to visit museums, historical sites, and enjoy the local cuisine,” she says. “The blend of work and leisure made the trip both productive and memorable.”