Steer clear of the seasonal surge and guarantee yourself a cosy winter getaway

ByAndrea Thompson

May 2, 2024

As the summer season seems to have eluded us so far, the charm of winter lies in its invitation to slow down and savour the glow of a fire and the softness of a blanket offer a comforting respite from the brisk chilled air outside.

Some favourite places to snuggle up when winter starts to draws in:

Great Fosters, Surrey

This stately manor, a mere 40-minute train journey from Waterloo, offers a cosy sanctuary where visitors can relax beside the fire with a glass of red wine. Savour the seasonal offerings at the Michelin-starred restaurant or rejuvenate in the spa. Nestled within 50 acres of lush gardens and grounds, it provides a perfect escape from the brisk outdoor air.

The Chapel, Somerset

Tucked away in the charming town of Bruton, Somerset, The Chapel resides within a beautifully restored medieval chapel. This boutique establishment boasts eight pristine rooms, interiors inspired by nature, and luxurious baths that invite you to linger all evening indoors. Don’t forget to reserve a spot at the Restaurant, where you can sample organic, locally sourced seasonal fare, enjoy the offerings of the in-house bakery and wine store, and bask in the warmth of an open log fire.

Hurley House, Berkshire

Winter stays at Hurley House are especially enchanting, offering a warm haven where guests can revel in the glow of a friendly fire. It’s an idyllic backdrop for those frosty days when all you desire is to lounge by the hearth and let the external world drift away.

Boringdon Hall Hotel & Spa

When winter drapes its mantle over Devon, Boringdon Hall Hotel & Spa emerges as a magical sanctuary. Within this historic manor’s walls, the Great Hall’s roaring fire provides a warm refuge from the season’s cold. Here, one can bask in the tranquillity of the award-winning Gaia Spa, relish the exquisite Michelin-starred cuisine, and embrace the peaceful opulence of a storied retreat.

Storrs Hall Windermere

In the winter months, Storrs Hall transforms into a wonderland within the stunning Lake District. Guests are invited to experience the ultimate cosy retreat, curling up by a historic fireplace with a warm beverage in hand, while the wintry scene of Lake Windermere unfolds just beyond. Here, the cold of winter is embraced with open arms, celebrated through warm hospitality and the timeless charm of English tradition. It’s an idyllic setting that turns the season’s chill into a reason to gather and enjoy the warmth of connection.

Coruisk House, Isle of Skye

Staying at Coruisk House during the winter months offers a uniquely cosy and enchanting experience. Imagine returning from a crisp, invigorating walk on the Isle of Skye to the warm embrace of a crackling open fire. The glow of the flames and the soft heat provide a comforting contrast to the cool Scottish air outside. It’s the perfect setting to unwind and savour a glass of fine whisky or a hot drink, enveloped by the rustic charm and tranquillity of Coruisk House. This idyllic retreat, with its luxurious accommodations and heart-warming hospitality, becomes a haven where one can truly relax and find solace in the slower pace of island life during the winter season.