Mandarin Orchard Singapore

ByTravelling For Business

September 20, 2016

Found on Singapores famous Orchard Road, this hotel is everything that would expect from a high end hotelier.

From the welcome and yummy sweets at the front desk to the comfortable rooms and gorgeous pool, staying at the Mandarin Orchard can be nothing but enjoyable.

Mandarin Orchard SingaporeWhilst the rooms are pretty inline with your standard big chain hotel, comfortable and spacious with all the facilities and amenities that you expect. It’s the added extras that really set this hotel apart from some of the others available in the area.

The staff are beyond friendly, with excellent service they can be relied upon to help with plans, taxis and meetings and most importantly will remember your favourite drink every evening!

The food is fantastic. One of the joys that I never can get over in Singapore and Malaysia is that there are no rules to food. The most amazing breakfasts have been consumed in this wonderful region. From spicy noodles and curry and after a late night to fluffy eggs, pancakes and deliciously juicy fruit. You can’t go wrong, and you’re every breakfast desire is catered for!

The pool, found outside the main area of the main tower is compact, however, it gets a great amount of sun and the staff are nearby to keep you hydrated and refreshed.

The one downside to this great hotel is a lack of seating. There is only a small amount of seating in the reception area and no public lounge as such.

If you’re staying in Singapore I would recommend booking in. If you aren’t a fan of shopping the MRT is close by and it’s only a short ride to the Botanical Gardens and Marina Bay attractions.