Review: NHOW Milan Hotel


October 10, 2016
NHOW Milan

This quirky hotel oozes creativity as soon as you walk through the door. From lights appearing like spoons and numerous examples of art displayed throughout, both on the walls and through objects, this hotel was not short of eccentric appearance.

By the reception lifts, you find yourself walking on a glass floor, where you can see a sprawled NHOW logo, mixture of rocks and peculiar displays beneath you – adding to the uniqueness of the hotel.

The staff are extremely welcoming and attentive as well as being very polite – all of which you expect. I was offered drinks and snacks in my queue to check-in and was assured that any help needed was on hand without a problem.

The room was great, very spacious with a large bed and perfect sized television. The view from my room was not so impressive, but being in the city, it’s difficult to get around that aspect. I can honestly say that I had an amazing night’s sleep, which made it extremely difficult to get up and out of bed in the morning!

The breakfast spread offered everything you can possibly imagine. From your generic cereal, cooked breakfast, yoghurt and fruit to the more explorative delicacies including patisserie favourites, chocolate cakes, creams, along with small innovative little sweet treats. You find yourself eating food you haven’t the slightest idea of what it is, but it looks so good that you give it a try!

The never-ending selection of food didn’t stop there. For the ‘lunch buffet’ the variation in pastries, light snacks, pastas and Italian delicacies were amazing and the spread of choice was enough to cater to everyone’s taste.

Being here on business, I attended a press launch event which took place in one of the corporate rooms at the hotel, which was spacious and great for its requirements. I also noticed an event being set up as I was departing, so it appears to be an unsurprisingly popular choice of hotel to hold corporate events.

I would definitely stay here again; it’s perfect for any type of traveller who is looking for a quirky, accessible hotel, roughly 45 minutes from Malpensa Milan Airport.