Step into the story and experience the magic of animation!

ByAndrea Thompson

April 17, 2024

The Pixar Place Hotel in California is a vibrant celebration of the creativity and storytelling prowess of Pixar Animation Studios. This unique hotel offers guests an immersive experience into the world of Pixar, making it a must-stay destination for fans and families alike.

Originally opened in 1984 as the Emerald Hotel of Anaheim, the property has undergone several transformations, reflecting the evolving landscape of the Disneyland Resort.  This 15 storey tower revealed a significant renovation without ever closing to guests and has managed to surprise by infusing the essence of Pixar into every aspect of the hotel. The design and amenities cater to both families and Pixar enthusiasts providing a playful yet comfortable stay.

The hotel’s entrance hall is a dazzling display, serving as a focal point. It showcases cherished scenes from Pixar movies, crowned by a sculpture of the renowned Pixar Lamp perched on a Pixar ball, a recurring motif in the brand’s identity. Suspended from the ceiling, a mobile featuring Pixar’s adored characters captivates arriving guests, symbolizing vibrant creativity with their signature primary hues.

Come evening, the lobby transforms into a spectacle, with a 10-track playlist harmonizing with the kaleidoscopic lights. The artistry extends throughout the space, with wall murals, signage, character models, and even whimsical furnishings like a sofa mimicking Heimlich from “A Bug’s Life.” The abundance of eye-level wonders may distract from the hidden treasures underfoot – 16 miniature character outlines embedded in the floor, inviting a playful search.

Visitors arriving from the car park at the rear of the building are welcomed by a radiant, lit entrance, complete with sliding doors adorned with beloved Pixar characters Mike and Sulley, as well as Buzz and Woody. As the doors part, the characters appear to unite, and in a delightful twist, the merging of blue and yellow glass transforms Mike to his signature green hue.

Additionally, the hotel offers an exclusive secret park entrance. Accessed via your room key, you can conveniently skip security and gates, entering directly into the park nestled between Corn Dog Castle and Seaside Souvenirs.

Each level of the hotel is a tribute to Pixar’s cinematic magic, with a distinct colour palette and a mural that brings a film to life. With 489 rooms, each a blend of modern comfort and Pixar-inspired décor, complete with unique artwork from Pixar Animation Studios featuring prominent Pixar figures, truly shines against the serene backdrop, accentuating the vividness of the colours.

Keep an eye out for the cleverly concealed Pixar balls.  In every room, guests will find a desk lamp inspired by Luxo Jr. The hotel offers a variety of accommodations, from standard rooms to club-level rooms and suites, all furnished with contemporary conveniences such as a mini-fridge, coffee maker, safe, hairdryer, and more.

The bathrooms boast a chic, contemporary design in pristine white, with the vibrant Pixar ball adding a burst of colour. Toiletries are neatly presented in dispensers of red, yellow, and blue, while the plush bathrobes feature the iconic Pixar emblem, adding a touch of luxury and fun to the experience.

There’s no shortage of activities at Pixar Place Hotel. Guests can enjoy the rooftop pool deck, interactive games at the Pixar Shorts Court, fitness classes, movie nights, and seasonal events and the best thing is to watch the Disneyland fireworks from the rooftop.

Pixar Place Hotel is a delightful fusion of fun, comfort, and Pixar magic, offering an unforgettable stay for guests of all ages. Whether you’re there to explore the parks or simply to soak in the Pixar experience, this hotel promises a stay that’s anything but ordinary.