Costa Rica—a name that conjures images of lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and a symphony of wildlife. But when should you visit this Central American gem!

ByAndrea Thompson

March 18, 2024

Fall in love with its awe-inspiring landscape and infectious atmosphere. With so much to offer, the best time to visit Costa Rica depends on what you’re looking to do during your holiday, so we have a few suggestions as to why and when to visit.

The best time to visit for good weather.

For sun lovers December to April when the temperatures are at their best and averaging 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  March and April are the hottest months, with very little chance of rainfall.

The best time to visit for wildlife spotting.

No matter what season you decide to go you are in for a treat with wildlife . There are 30 national parks and wildlife refuges, all boasting unique sights and with over 500,000 species this Country’s wildlife is very diverse.  We recommend visiting between July and August, which is the ideal time for whale spotting and sea turtles.  If you are a sloth lover, then you’re in luck or wonder at the brightly coloured Macaws in their natural habitat.  Not forgetting the reptile lovers, you may even find the infamous Jesus Christ Lizard!

The best time to visit for lower prices.

Prices vary but the off-season is May to September.  It is a popular destination, so traveling before the high season and school holidays means you are more likely to save some money on accommodations and flights. The best weather spans from December to April, which does coincide with half term and Easter, so this tends to be a more expensive time to visit.

The best time to visit for surfing.

For newcomers to surfing, the dry season offers ideal conditions. The gentle waves of March and April provide an excellent introduction to the sport. Seasoned surfers will find their thrill from May to September, while the months of September to October promise the most substantial and consistent swells. During this period, surfers can experience the timeless sensation of riding the perfect barrel,  embraced in the ocean’s pulse.

The best time to visit for fewer crowds.

Seeking solitude? May and October shoulders the rainy season and offers a peaceful retreat. If you’re aiming to sidestep the holiday hustle, these are your months. On the flip side, December through April, brings many tourists.  With summer school holidays  the masses to visit the attractions from Hacienda Alsacia, Starbucks’ coffee farm where you can taste the rich flavours of Costa Rican coffee at its best and freshest.  Or maybe the geothermal hot springs around the Arnal Volcano or cool down in the waters of La Fortuna Waterfall and don’t forget to visit the mystical realm of Monteverde Cloud Forest where the treetops really do touch the sky.


Costa Rica isn’t just a destination it’s Pura Vida (“pure life”).