4 apps to make business travel better

ByTravelling For Business

September 27, 2016
corporate travel

Travelling for business can be fun but it can be stressful too! With multiple destinations and plans it can be hard to stay on track. So we’ve put together four apps that help us stay organised and having fun rather than hunting for wifi and stressed.


An all-rounder! If you want an organised trip where you can keep pretty much all of your travel itinerary in one place, this is a great app to get downloading. 

You can keep travel information easily accessible through the app, whether that is hotel bookings or flight schedules, etc. You have the option of conveniently setting up automatic forwarding of confirmation emails from your inbox to the app, where TripIt will distinguish the appropriate information from your confirmation email and add it into a trip. 

TripIt tends to do the hard work for you by organising your entire travel itinerary in an easily located format.               


For those trips where confidence is lacked in relation to the language barrier, this app is a quick and easy way to translate words or phrases in order to heal your worries. 

Although the manual translation tool is perfect for those easily-heard phrases, for more complex translations, the voice translation in the Pro version feature is great when having to translate conversations or words that you just can’t quite notate! The quick pace of particular languages find it difficult to distinguish words or phrases, especially when in full-flow conversation and so this feature is great for attending this matter. 

The free version is still perfect for translating language whether that be for directions, dishes on menus, sign posts, or generally needed information, the app is practical and easy to use for this purpose.  


To organise, keep record and store your expenses whilst on a trip, this app is a great option to go for. 

Acting as a travel expense manager, you can capture images of your receipts as well as noting down all the expenses carried out – perfectly organised in one place. 

The expense management tools within the app are so convenient and appropriate to cater for your needs, including the ability to sync with your office for required approvals and visible expense reports. 

Gone are the days of stuffing wedges of receipts into side panels of bags, where now you can store them all hassle-free, in a reliable place. 


There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in an area where you are not fully aware of – AroundMe heals this problem by locating you to your desired destination. 

The app uses your location to analyse the businesses and services in your vicinity. It then helps you find what you are seeking whether that be a petrol station, hotel, hospital, coffee shop or bank, it intends to find you the nearest places to meet your demands. 

Once you have opted for your intended location, the app supplies you with directions to help locate you there efficiently without the horror of getting lost – especially in an area you do not fully know confidently.

wifi-finderWi-Fi Finder

A new location means less awareness of the surroundings. 
For business people, it is vital for them to stay connected through Wi-Fi for emails, online work, etc, but for the times where your own technology just can’t find a hotspot, Wi-Fi Finder can. 

It scans your location to target any Wi-Fi hotspots it can find in the surrounding area, supplying you with the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots to where you’re currently placed. This is great if you’re in somewhere that is pretty remote, allowing you to easily locate any Wi-Fi spots to carry out your work in an efficient way. 

Giving you the option to save Wi-Fi hotspot locations makes it easy to quickly locate previously used ones in the future, to not only serve quick targeting, but also a guarantee that the hotspot is reliable from your previous use of it already.