Top 10 packing hacks

ByTravelling For Business

September 21, 2016
Packing hacks

When the time comes to pack for your travels, fitting everything you need to take with you into your limited space can be a struggle for many. These are a few hacks that you should know to make your life a whole lot easier!

packing hacks Roll your clothes, don’t fold

To maximise as much space as possible it is best to roll your clothes as an alternative to folding them as you usually would. This not only saves space but can also keep clothes crease free when rolled in an efficient way and you can even roll underwear into the clothes to save space for packing these too!

packing hacksStore items into shoes

Either place shoes within one another or place small items into shoes to keep them separate from clothes and to save storage space within your luggage. This is perfect for also keeping the footwear’s shape, as it prevents them from getting squashed. 

Decanter your products

If you have any expensive products that you’d like to take away with you for example, liquid makeup, beauty essentials or toiletries, you can decanter them into smaller empty bottles/containers. This way, if the worst was to occur where your product explodes or gets lost, you will only loose a small amount of product – a relief, especially if the products are expensive! If you are taking cabin luggage, this is also handy as it ensures that you have reliably abided by the allocated measurement allowance.  

packing hacksUse spare sunglasses case for essentials

It’s always difficult to keep items like makeup brushes in a place that is easy to access but also that is separate from the clothes that have been packed. Using a sunglasses case allows you to store them altogether, as well as ensuring that makeup residue from the brushes do not come into contact with any clothing. By all means, cases can store other items such as jewellery, cuff links , hair accessories!

Keep your shirts in shape using your belt

By wrapping your belt around your hand to create a coil shape, you can place it in the neck of your shirt to keep the shape of your collars. This is very efficient for saving space whilst giving the impression that you have taken the time to neatly iron your shirt for a sturdy collar finish.

packing hacksEmpty your matchboxes!

Always losing your hair grips? Find it difficult to keep your earrings in one place? Why not use an empty matchbox to keep your smaller, easily-lost items in? This way, you can locate your accessories hassle-free! If you want to be extra organised, earrings or cuff links can also be stored in pill holders, to keep your pairs separate from one another. 

Wear bulky items

Anything that is going to consume quite a substantial amount of space, wear on the journey of your travels! Footwear such as boots and clothing such as oversized jumpers are bound to take up more space than your average items of wear, so by wearing these desired pieces on your travels allows you to still take them with you, but not have to find the room to pack them in your luggage. 

Make a list

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have forgotten something! To reassure yourself, opting to make a list of generally everything you are taking with you in your luggage (or at least the most likely items to be forgotten) means you will know exactly what you have with you. Put this list into the luggage with you, so when on your way back, you can tick off that you have packed all of your items for your return home.

packing hacksClip your razors

Prevent any cuts or damages to clothes by using a bull dog clip on the end of your razor to protect the external surroundings from the blades. This not only stops the risk of cutting yourself when rummaging in your bag but also holds a place for your clip to be placed. Organising wires can also be help into place by clips, giving you a tangle-free result!

Protect with socks

Anything valuable? Put perfumes, small electronics, etc into socks to protect from scratching and coming into contact with opposing items. Doing this also means that less space is taken up by the conventional storing of socks.