Barbados Through the Lens of Luxury

ByTravelling For Business

February 27, 2024
For discerning travellers, the only way to experience Barbados is through the lens of luxury.For discerning travellers, the only way to experience Barbados is through the lens of luxury.

For discerning travellers, the only way to experience Barbados is through the lens of luxury.

Whether you’re swimming with sea turtles in pristine waters, taking a private tour of a historic plantation, or indulging in the island’s gourmet flavours at an exclusive restaurant, every adventure that this island has to offer can be done in comfort and style. Here, we go beyond Barbados’ luxury resorts and look at the sophisticated side of this extraordinary tropical island.

Bespoke experiences

While Barbados resorts are renowned for their amenities, those who seek something truly out of the ordinary will need to experience the wider island. Imagine starting your day with a private catamaran cruise where the only agenda is to follow your whims. Such expeditions can be completely personalised to your desires, with every detail thoughtfully curated to your preferences, from snorkelling in secluded spots to enjoying a chef-prepared picnic on a deserted beach.

For those with a taste for excitement, Barbados’ adventurous side beckons with exclusive access to some of the island’s most coveted experiences. Take a private surf lesson at dawn, where the waves greet you in solitude, or a bespoke horseback tour through the lush landscapes, winding through fields of sugar cane, tropical rainforests and coastal pathways.

The experiences continue to enchant even as the sun dips below the horizon. Visiting the most exclusive luxury resort Barbados has to offer, a twilight round of golf at the Royal Westmoreland Golf Club offers not just a game, but an immersive experience that blends sport with the breathtaking beauty of the west coast. Just a short drive away, meanwhile, you can enjoy a private dining experience under the stars at the Rooftop Fusion, in Holetown, where the blazing firepits will keep you warm as you relish dishes crafted from the freshest local ingredients.

Cultural richness

Barbados’ cultural landscape offers visitors some truly unforgettable experiences. For instance, you can enjoy private events at local art galleries, viewing the works of the island’s most renowned artists, or attend live performances in historic plantation houses, where the music and stories of Barbados come to life in the most intimate of settings. Alternatively, embark on a guided heritage tour to discover a new perspective of the island’s historic sites, or engage in a hands-on cooking class with a celebrated Barbadian chef, making the rich flavours of the island something you can take back home and enjoy forever.

For those intrigued by the craftsmanship and artistry that define Barbados, exclusive workshops with local artisans present a unique opportunity. From pottery making, using traditional techniques, to rum tasting sessions that delve into centuries-old distilling processes, these are unique opportunities to learn about the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Exclusive access to natural wonders

Barbados is a treasure trove of natural beauty, with each corner of the island offering exclusive gateways to breathtaking experiences. From the rugged cliffs of the east coast to the serene beaches of the west, you can have privileged access to some of its most revered natural attractions.

Take a private tour of the magical Harrison’s Cave, where the underground streams and crystalline formations create a subterranean wonderland that feels like stepping into another world. With exclusive access, visitors can explore parts of the cave system that are typically beyond reach, guided by experts who share the secrets of this natural marvel.

For those drawn to the ocean, a private snorkelling expedition to Folkestone Marine Park offers a chance to glide over stunning coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life. Here, the quiet beauty of the underwater world is your personal canvas to explore at leisure.

The Andromeda Botanic Gardens, a lush sanctuary on the island’s east side, provides a peaceful retreat with private tours available. These tours offer an in-depth look at the rare and exotic plants thriving in this unique environment, with the opportunity for a bespoke picnic amidst the gardens’ natural splendour, catered with local delicacies.

A taste of the island

The Barbados culinary scene is as diverse and colourful as its landscapes, offering gastronomic experiences that cater for every palate. It’s here, in bustling fish markets, secluded beachfront eateries and gourmet restaurants where Barbados truly comes to life. Dining at The Cliff Restaurant promises not only a meal prepared by one of the island’s top chefs but an evening set against the backdrop of a moonlit Caribbean Sea. The award-winning chefs at Royal Westmoreland Beach Club, offer beachfront terrace dining at Mullins Beach, arguably the island’s most beautiful stretch of shoreline.

For something uniquely Barbadian, Oistins Friday Fish Fry is an iconic weekly event offering an unforgettable dining experience. Here, in the company of locals and visitors, you can indulge in the freshest seafood, grilled or fried, seasoned with local herbs and spices, all enjoyed under the stars, with calypso music in the background and a bustling arts and crafts market to explore.

At the heart of this luxurious landscape lies Royal Westmoreland. The most prestigious private resort on the island, with elegant villas and apartments set in 750 acres of spectacular landscape, it is the ideal location for a refined and tranquil holiday stay. With a championship standard golf course, state-of-the-art fitness centre, and various dining options, its amenities are second to none, and include housekeepers, private chefs and an extremely helpful concierge.