Best cities to visit in Europe

ByTravelling For Business

November 7, 2016

Even though Europe is the smallest of all the continents, it is composed of 27 different countries. As a result, there are a number of exciting travel experiences, no matter if you are planning a quick trip, or an extended vacation.

Before embarking on your European adventure, you will have to get a first or even second passport. The climate, architecture, landscapes and historical significance makes Europe ideal for anyone no matter what you want to do, or see.


The mystery of the Vatican City, ghosts of the Colosseum and an afternoon caffe on the Piazza Navona make Rome an enchanting destination for everyone. Italy, the capital city, dates back to the time of Hadrian and Julius Caesar. Some of the structures you can experience during your visiting include the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, as well as dozens of different churches and other historical landmarks. Art lovers will revel in the huge trove of art that is found at the Vatican Museums and foodies will love the traditional Italian fare – and gelato found everywhere you turn.

Rome is a destination where high-end fashion is definitely appreciated – especially the Italian designer, such as Armani, Cavalli, Gucci and Versace. While you may be planning other stops during your European vacation, Rome is definitely one that should be on your list of must visits.


Paris – a big, beautiful and historical city where sitting and enjoying your meal is encouraged and where you can use the public restrooms – if you are willing to pay. Yes the culture and environment is different, but it is a location that you don’t want to miss. No matter what you want to do or see, from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the Catacombs of Paris and Musee de Louvre, there will be something to keep your occupied and entertained.

In addition to offering all the historic sites you may be interested in, Paris is definitely a technologically advanced city. There are a number of different apps that are designed to let you get around the city more easily. From tour guides to a French language app, you can find everything you need to keep you going and finding exactly what you want to do during your visit.


London is an area that offers more green and open space than any other European area. In addition to these “healthy hills” some of the views are truly breathtaking of places such as Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. While visiting London it is highly recommended that you stay away from the main drags, since they are typically just dirty, crowded areas that offer nothing but cheap tourist fare.

You should also keep in mind that trying to find the “real” London is just a myth. London is considered a mish-mash of environments, which means that you should not spend all your time searching for this. Instead, take your time, window shop and enjoy what the city has to offer.


Zurich has always had a name for being a centre for finance but today it is also a thriving startup scene for fintech. A vibrant city that boasts beautiful cobbled streets and old buildings with a young and hip crowd.

A clean and beautiful city that is regularly named one of the best places to live. And, whilst you might not be looking to relocate it’s close enough to jump on a plane for a weekend or business meeting.

When you’re there make sure you visit Old Town and if you love to shop head to Bahnhofstrasse where you can shop, or window shop to your hearts content! If art is your thing make sure you head to Zurich’s Kunsthaus where you can find works by Monet, Van Gogh and Chagall.


Germany’s capital is steeped in history and dates back from the 13th Century. With a low cost of living Berlin has become a centre for startups and digital nomads. Berlin has had a turbulent past there are many sites that not only serve as a reminder or memorial but as a symbol of reunification.

The list is endless on places to visit in this great city but make sure you grab yourself some street food and a beer!

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