Aer Lingus has recently announced its plans to introduce a new route between Dublin and Denver International Airport starting from May 17, 2024.

Aer Lingus has recently announced its plans to introduce a new route between Dublin and Denver International Airport starting from May 17, 2024.

This four-times-weekly service will provide travelers with more options when flying between the United Kingdom/Ireland and Denver, as it competes with established carriers British Airways and United Airlines, both of which operate flights from London Heathrow.

In addition to the Dublin-Denver route, Aer Lingus is also set to relaunch its Dublin-Minneapolis-St Paul service beginning April 29, 2024.

This route was initially suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic but will now operate four times a week initially, with plans to increase to daily flights from October next year. The airline will utilise its A321 XLR aircraft for this service, enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

With the addition of these new and resumed routes, Aer Lingus will further strengthen its extensive North American network, bringing the total number of routes to an impressive 18. This expansion demonstrates the airline’s commitment to providing its customers with a wide range of travel options across the Atlantic.

Aer Lingus’ decision to launch the Dublin-Denver route is strategic, considering Dublin’s advantageous geographic position as the gateway to Europe. The airport’s pre-clearance facilities and the strong Irish-American ties make it an ideal connection point for travelers between Europe and North America.

Both Denver and Minneapolis-St Paul are significant business destinations within the United States, making them attractive options for corporate travel. The new Aer Lingus routes will facilitate corporate links and connectivity between Europe and North America, further promoting business opportunities and economic growth.

Moreover, the addition of Denver to Aer Lingus’ network will open up a whole new US experience for leisure travelers from Ireland and Europe. Known as the “Gateway to the Rockies,” Denver offers an array of outdoor activities, including world-class skiing and hiking, making it an appealing destination for adventure seekers.

Aer Lingus has been steadily expanding its North American network, with recent additions including flights to Cleveland and the resumption of flights to Hartford. The successful launch of the Dublin-Cleveland route earlier this year, coupled with the relaunch of the Dublin-Hartford route, has contributed to the airline’s growth and increased its seat capacity to North America.

Lynne Embleton, the CEO of Aer Lingus, expressed confidence in the airline’s growth strategy and eagerly anticipates welcoming customers on board the new Dublin-Denver and Dublin-Minneapolis-St Paul routes next year. Embleton highlighted the significance of these routes in enhancing corporate links, facilitating leisure travel, and providing customers with more options for transatlantic travel.