62% of business travellers admit that absence makes the heart grow fonder

ByTravelling For Business

April 19, 2017
business travel

Business travel is the key to a healthy relationship, according to new research.

The survey, which questioned 2,000 business travellers, revealed that 62 er cent of people thought working away from home improved their relationships, while 71 per cent felt that being away from home for work actually made them appreciate their loved ones more.

Traditionally, frequent business travel and maintaining a healthy family life or relationship haven’t always gone hand in hand, but this recent study has discovered otherwise, shattering many of the stereotypes surrounding working away from home.

The similar study was undertaken at the end of 2016, which revealed that the majority of British workers, never have their family come to stay with them when they are away on business. This was despite 65 per cent of those respondents saying they’d like to have the opportunity for them to join them at evenings and weekends and almost half admitting they miss their family more than anything while away on business.

The former stat has undoubtedly been a contributing factor to the misconceptions surrounding business travel, with the lives lead by business travellers often seen as more glamorous than they are in reality, putting the onus on play over work.

Gavin Bailey, Operations Director at CitySuites, commented: “It’s encouraging to see that working away from home might be helping to improve relationships and have some beneficial results to workers’ wellbeing and home life. The negative connotations of a glamorous lifestyle and fractured home life that have surrounded business travel seem out-dated, and the research clearly echoes this. What we’re seeing now is a much more accurate reflection of business travel, which is actually bringing loved ones closer together.

He continued: “At CitySuites we pride ourselves on providing a service that puts the customer first, but we appreciate that some business travellers may not be familiar with this level of attention! We’re committed to providing convenient and luxury accommodation solutions for business travellers and are focused on doing all we can to recreate that feeling of home whilst people are away from their usual comforts.”