Colombian Tall Ship and Navy Training Vessel “ARC Gloria” arrives in London

ByAndrea Thompson

July 3, 2024

As a revered national symbol, the ARC Gloria also serves as an itinerant Embassy that promotes Colombian culture and strengthens diplomatic ties.

Today, the Colombian Tall Ship and Navy Training Vessel “ARC Gloria” will make its grand entrance at Canary Wharf in London, signifying the end of its journey across North America and Europe. As a roving embassy, it has been promoting Colombian culture and reinforcing diplomatic relations globally.

The ARC Gloria’s arrival in London marks the commemoration of 200 years of diplomatic relations between Colombia and the United Kingdom in April 2025. To celebrate this momentous event, the Embassy is organizing a series of prestigious events on board the tall ship to strengthen bilateral cooperation and promote goodwill between the two countries.

The crew of the “ARC Gloria” will arrive in London on their 120th day of navigation, consisting of 163 marines, which includes a marine dog named Max.

The Ship is open to the public and the timetable is below

Wednesday 3rd July:

10:00 – Grand Arrival at: Canary Wharf Thames Quay E14 9SG

13:00-17:00: Ship open to the public

 Thursday 4th July:

8:00-22:00: Tallship open to public

Friday 5th July:

8:00-22:00: Tallship open to public – Cultural activities day

Saturday 6th of July:

Farewell Tallship ARC Gloria. The ARC Gloria Tallship will be navigating the Thames and sailing under Tower Bridge at 14:00pm