Barrhead Travel Poised for Record-Breaking Year Amidst Surging Travel Demand

ByTravelling For Business

December 27, 2023
Barrhead Travel, one of the UK’s leading travel agencies, is set to close 2023 as its “best ever” trading year as demand for travel continues to soar.Barrhead Travel, one of the UK’s leading travel agencies, is set to close 2023 as its “best ever” trading year as demand for travel continues to soar.

Barrhead Travel is on track to close 2023 as its most successful year ever, driven by an unprecedented surge in travel demand.

The Glasgow-headquartered travel agency group has celebrated 11 consecutive record-breaking months since January 2023, with December also forecasted to conclude with record sales. Year-to-date bookings for the group have surged by 26 percent compared to 2019, previously the company’s best trading year.

In a marked contrast to the broader high street trend, where recent ONS figures indicate October retail sales plummeted to their lowest levels since the 2021 lockdowns, Barrhead Travel reports its retail network is “busier than ever.” In-store sales have soared by over 25 percent. The group attributes its robust retail performance to sustained travel demand and a consumer shift back to trusted travel agents for holiday bookings.

Forward bookings for 2024 are particularly strong, with many customers planning their holidays earlier than usual. Meanwhile, last-minute bookings for winter holidays remain popular, accounting for approximately 25 percent of new bookings for the 2023/24 winter period.

Earlier this year, Barrhead Travel announced plans for further expansion in 2024, with multiple new store openings slated. The company will also invest in refurbishing existing stores, creating additional full and part-time roles, and introducing new technology.

Jacqueline Dobson, President of Barrhead Travel, commented, “Over the last year, we prioritised smart and sustainable growth, resulting in record-breaking outcomes. This year, we will achieve our highest-ever sales and we aim to maintain this momentum into 2024.

“Holidays remain a spending priority for consumers of all ages. The demand for a reputable travel agent is at an all-time high, which is why we believe now is the perfect time for further expansion across the UK.

“Retail travel is thriving, and communities nationwide are benefiting from bustling travel agency stores. Our commitment to retail investment remains steadfast, and we’re thrilled to create new jobs and opportunities as our expansion unfolds over the coming year.

“We are currently reviewing potential new locations and expect to announce further details in the first quarter of 2024.”

Additionally, Barrhead Travel has unveiled plans to launch a USA specialist division in early 2024, as part of its broader strategy for organic growth.