AirTags – A cutting edge tracker with boundaries.

ByAndrea Thompson

March 21, 2024

Apple’s AirTags have emerged as a beacon of hope for those prone to losing their belongings. These small, coin-shaped devices attach to your items and communicate with Apple’s “Find My Network” to keep track of them. But are they worth the investment?

Pros of AirTags

  • They offer near-global tracking capacities.
  • They provide a cost-effective solution for keeping tabs on your personal items and being around £30 that is a lot less than most items in your luggage.
  • With minimal maintenance and long-life battery, which lasts for approximately one year.

Cons of AirTags

  • There is a concern about privacy issues and being used inappropriately.
  • Their function is limited to Apple users which alienates Android users.
  • They are not true GPS trackers and rely on iPhone to relay the data.  This causes issues in less densely populated areas.

They offer a simple and relatively inexpensive way to keep track of belongings. However, their reliance on other devices for signal is not without their flaws.

Other products are available that cater to both Android and iPhone users.  These alternatives have different features, so the question is, what is more important for your tracking needs?

  • Tile Pro and Tile Mate – suitable for everyday items like keys and wallets.
  • Samsung Galaxy SmartTag – Good coverage with long range for Samsung users.
  • Chipolo One – suitable for keys and wallets.
  • Cube Shadow – Idea for laptops as long and slim with rechargeable battery.
  • TrackR Pixel – lightweight and with an LED light to locate items in the dark.

In the end, selecting a tracking device is a matter of personal preference, influenced by how much you prioritize the safety and ease of monitoring your possessions.