Aman Nai Lert Bangkok: A sanctuary for luxury and sustainability

ByAndrea Thompson

June 12, 2024

In the vibrant heart of Bangkok, a city celebrated for its dynamic street life and exquisite shrines, the Aman Nai Lert Bangkok emerges as a haven of peace and luxury. This urban sanctuary is poised to welcome guests soon as the newest gem in the Aman collection.

The hotel stands as a homage to the Nai Lert family’s remarkable heritage, which started in 1915 and is deeply intertwined with Thailand’s growth and the hospitality sector, having acquired the land for its preservation.

Nestled in Pathumwan, this verdant oasis is surrounded by embassies. It was designed by Jean Michel Gathy of Denniston and is owned by Vlad Doronin, Chairman and CEO of Aman. The hotel represents a collaborative venture with the Nai Lert Group, custodians of Bangkok’s most extensive private green space.

The 36 storey building will feature wraparound views, open air terraces and an innovative central atrium.  With traditional Thai influences, the 52 suite hotel will also house 50 residences, two spas, multiple restaurants, a cigar lounge and rooftop jazz bar.

The suites are to be designed in natural colours that reflect the surroundings and create a calming atmosphere with the earthy tones and textures. The amenities include custom toiletries, ensuring a luxurious and eco-conscious stay.

The hotel is committed to sustainability and very evident in the restaurant which will focuses on locally sourced ingredients and an emphasis on reducing food waste and preserving the environment.

Visitors to Aman Nai Lert Bangkok can expect an experience that goes beyond mere accommodation. It is a place where one can immerse themselves in the local culture while enjoying the peace and tranquillity of a private park setting. The hotel’s commitment to sustainability, its rich historical background, and its luxurious offerings make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and refined experience in the heart of Bangkok.