Sol y Luna, a sanctuary nestled in Peru’s Sacred Valley

ByAndrea Thompson

June 11, 2024

Founded in 2000 the hotel is not only a retreat for travellers but also a place where history, luxury, and philanthropy are intertwined, funding local education and development projects.

The Sol y Luna Foundation firmly believes that every child is entitled to an education and a nurturing, secure upbringing. As an officially registered charity, it actively fosters positive transformation by offering education, care, and support to Peruvian children from extremely impoverished backgrounds.

The Sol y Luna Foundation’s mission is to offer love, care, and education to children from the most impoverished communities in Peru. Notably, 90% of the children aided by the foundation come from conditions of severe poverty.

The hotel features 43 casitas (small houses), each offering a private sanctuary of comfort. The walls are adorned with artwork by the famous Peruvian artist, Jaime Leibane, and frescoed murals by Federico Bauer, lending a unique and special touch to each casita. The interiors showcase the valley’s vibrant colours with high ceilings, terracotta tiles, and textiles, creating an ambiance that is both rustic and elegantly refined.

The interior of Sol y Luna captures the radiant essence of the Sacred Valley. Its architecture harmoniously combines modern and traditional Peruvian elements, featuring earthen walls that complement both contemporary and ancestral art. The décor echoes the vibrant blues of the sky and the rich reds of the fertile earth, adorned with an abundance of flowers.

Regarding facilities and amenities, guests can take advantage of complimentary parking, internet access, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, and the Yacu Wasi spa. “Yacu Wasi” which means “house of water” in Quechua. Housed in a building crafted from local stone and adorned with striking stained glass, it offers holistic relaxation and indigenous healing practices, featuring treatments that use organic locally-sourced Andean plants and herbs.

The hotel can also arrange experiences from hiking, bike riding and horse riding.  The casitas all come with private terraces and plunge pools, heated flooring and a fire place for that cosy homely feel.

The teams at Killa Wasi and Wayra restaurants have been trained by Diego Munoz, a prominent figure in modern Peruvian cuisine. The ingredients are sourced not from the hotel’s own grounds but from local farmers, who are educated in cultivating quinoa, potatoes, herbs, spices, and other produce. This ensures community involvement and the use of the freshest natural ingredients available. Both establishments welcome the public, embracing a straightforward philosophy: “to eat, to drink, and to love.”

Sol y Luna is a destination where each detail is thoughtfully designed to offer an experience deeply embedded in the local culture and environment, ensuring your visit contributes to the betterment of the community.

Here, tranquillity and adventure, luxury and social awareness coexist harmoniously. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of Machu Picchu or seeking a serene getaway, Sol y Luna guarantees a memorable expedition.