Essential packing list to stay organised

ByTravelling For Business

October 25, 2016

Travelling can be a mare as you juggle your boarding pass, passport, business documents and whatever else along with you as you whisk throughout the hustle and bustle of the airport. Trying to stay organised can be a mission in itself so here are some top essentials to pack with you on your travels in order to remain organised.

A document document organiserholder/organiser is a must

 If you are someone who easily loses things or simply just wants to keep their documents in one place, this is going to be one of your best buys. Not only are the majority of them at an affordable price, but it also limits the risk of you losing an important document that you will need, for example your boarding pass. There are so many different brands and varieties of the product out there. You can choose your own colour and some even have the option to personalise your organiser, just to make it that bit more personal!

Although the selection is wide, ASOS do a great little organiser that has separate compartments for money, tickets and passport etc!

If you can, dodoubling up uble up!

On items that would either easily get lost or would be vital if they were to get lost, double up on your stock. For example, hairbands are easily lost, so doubling up on packing these is definitely advisory. Depending on your personal needs, tablets could be a vital problem if they were to get lost, so if you are able to, double up on them as you will feel more confident, as well as more organised too.



business cards

A handful of business cards

A lot of meetings and collaborations happen out of unexpected circumstances. By taking away business cards with you, you are opening business opportunities for yourself with the ability to share your details easily with the people you meet. By giving away business cards, a lot of people will give you theirs in return, which brings me onto the next essential.


business card holder

A business card holder

This is not only to hold your business cards, but also others who offer theirs to you too. This way, you can organise separating your own from others and also building up your contacts list.

Amazon have a great selection of different business card holders to suit your appropriate style.


sticky notes

Notepad with sticky notes

Quite an obvious one but you can now get notepad organisers where you also have sticky notes attached. This makes organisation a lot more easier where you can file particular notes accordingly and even use sticky notes for any documents given to you at an event.

Everything Branded have a great notepad and sticky note econote which gives you what you need, in one place.


phone boarding pass

Stay organised with your flights

Arguably this is not valid for a ‘packing list’ however it does help having on your phone for organisation purposes! Downloading your airline’s app will mean that you will likely be able to check in before you’ve even got to the airport. Additionally, if you are someone who holds everything on their phone, a lot of airlines now hold the option of having your boarding pass on your phone – preventing the risk of losing the physical paper option.

British Airways are one airline of example that have an app where you are able to check-in and find your boarding pass.


packing list

A packing list!

Yes – a packing list. If you truly want to be organised and ensure that you won’t forget anything on your return home, you will need this. If you write down all the things you have packed in your luggage, you can place the list within your luggage for you to check off for when you fly back home.