UK SMEs are taking steps to reduce travel emissions and promote environmentally friendly transportation options for their employees

A recent survey found that a majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK are planning to implement initiatives this year to promote the use of environmentally friendly transportation options among their employees.

According to a survey conducted by Trainline Partner Solutions, over 500 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK expressed their desire to enhance the assistance provided to their employees for booking eco-friendly transportation. Nearly 83% of these organisations plan to increase their utilisation of rail travel by 2024, while 48% have already set their sights on incorporating it more in their business travel.

Approximately 52% of those surveyed have established goals to decrease their carbon footprint from work-related trips. For the remaining companies who have not yet established such targets, 66% anticipate doing so within the next year.

The recent emphasis on reducing emissions from work-related trips is accompanied by findings from the Trainline survey, which indicate that 90% of travel managers in small and medium-sized enterprises anticipate an increase in employee travel and travel expenses in the current year compared to 2023.

Businesses are increasingly turning to travel management companies for assistance in monitoring and minimising their travel-related emissions. Currently, 42% of businesses are utilising TMCs for this purpose, and an additional 39% plan to begin collaborating with TMCs for the same purpose by 2024.

According to Andrew Cruttenden, the general manager of Trainline Partner Solutions, companies are expressing their anticipation for increased travel and spending this year, as business travel gradually recovers from the impact of Covid-19.

It is evident that sustainability is becoming an important consideration when determining travel policies and budgets. Rail transportation is a viable option for reducing carbon emissions compared to flying and driving.