Casa Monti Roma: Where art meets dolce vita

ByAndrea Thompson

June 8, 2024

Casa Monti, a luxurious five-star hotel, revels in the art of dolce vita. Newly opened and situated mere steps from the famed Colosseum, it serves as an artist’s abode, re-envisioned and unveiled to the world.

History and Location

The Monti district, or Rione Monti, encircles Casa Monti, presenting a delightful and diverse neighbourhood that reflects the vibrancy and endurance of the eternal city. Recently, the area has attracted a wave of emerging artisans, establishing Monti as a hidden treasure that offers a reprieve from the bustling, tourist-heavy parts of the city, exuding an authentically ‘Roman’ charm.

Bohemian Influence and Craftsmanship

The hotel boasts 26 rooms and 10 suites, each infused with bohemian elegance. Upon entry, guests are welcomed by a charming fresco that pays tribute to greenery, leading them through the six-story ascent.

The interior design honours the artisanal heritage of the Monti district, home to glassblowers, blacksmiths, and carpenters whose workshops dot the district’s meandering streets.

Reflecting this abundance, the hotel is embellished with antiques, showcases of Italian artisanship, and specially commissioned pieces, honouring the diversity of art.

Interior Design and Italian Spirit

Laura Gonzalez, the queen of colour, designed the interiors. She drew inspiration from the Italian notion of ‘sprezzatura’ – a feeling of relaxed ease and effortless elegance.

The rooms and suites diffuse a delightful poetry of carefree Italian spirit with elaborately worked materials, perfectly calibrated shades, and custom prints evoke a sense of timeless charm.

Gastronomy and Amenities

Casa Monti offers a full lifestyle experience:

  • Bar, Patio, and Restaurant: The ground floor hosts a restaurant with a terrace, where Italian crafted flavours await.
  • Rooftop Bar: Enjoy stunning views over the city while sipping your favourite drink.
  • Susanne Kaufmann Spa: Relax and rejuvenate with a panorama of Rome as your backdrop.

Why Stay at Casa Monti?

Immerse yourself in the Roman dolce vita, where the ancient and the modern converge. From frescoes to bespoke prints, every detail embodies the neighbourhood’s creativity, inviting you to savour the sights of Rome.

Casa Monti Roma provides an elegant entrance to a world-class five-star experience. Whether you are an aficionado of art, a gourmet, or in pursuit of Roman allure, this boutique hotel assures a memorable visit.