Parkhotel Laurin: A Timeless Blend of Elegance

ByAndrea Thompson

July 2, 2024

Tucked away in the heart of Bolzano, Parkhotel Laurin stands as a magnificent example of Art Nouveau architecture, adorning the city since 1910.

It emerged as one of the city’s initial “grand hotels.” Franz Staffler, the original visionary, hastened its construction to deter competing investors. The Staffler family has since upheld the management of Laurin, infusing it with a distinctive mix of innovation and vision.

This hotel boasts a rich history, having hosted imperial families, nobility, and even Italy’s King Viktor Emmanuel, who dined with Benito Mussolini. It has been a favoured destination for many, from the Dalai Lama to Chuck Berry.

The hotel’s exterior and interior design charmingly fuse historical elegance with contemporary luxury, featuring unique artwork and designer furnishings. The artistic expression begins right on the sidewalk outside the hotel, where bronze coins embedded in the pavement convey emotions and phrases related to travel. This installation commemorates the hotel’s centennial and was crafted by students from the Free University of Bolzano.

The hotel boasts 100 rooms and suites, each uniquely designed in one of three distinctive styles: antique cherry, new cherry wood, and lacquered white. Every room features paintings by 20th-century artists, carefully selected by Franz Staffler. Standard amenities include a TV, minibar, seating area, and desk, while the luxurious marble bathrooms come equipped with organic Nature toiletries, fluffy robes, and slippers.

The dining experience at Parkhotel Laurin is truly remarkable. The restaurant, Laurin, led by Chef Dario Tornatore, presents a delightful blend of regional Italian and international dishes. Chef Tornatore characterises his cuisine as a “harmonious fusion of flavour and art, where each dish narrates a story and is a masterpiece that stimulates the senses.” Guests also have the option to dine outdoors in the tranquil garden of the hotel when the summer weather permits.

The Laurin Bar boasts original Art Nouveau frescoes from 1911, created by Bruno Goldschmitt, which depict a South Tyrolean legend. These artworks were concealed beneath white lime for many years and were severely damaged during the Second World War. In 1984, Adriano Salvoni undertook their restoration. The bar also features live jazz music.

Adjacent to the Laurin Bar is the Smoker’s Lounge, equipped with a humidor and a whiskey cabinet. Franz Staffler personally designed the carpet and procured the lamps from Vienna. They also offer to safeguard your personal bottle of whiskey for your next visit.

Parkhotel Laurin offers amenities that cater to diverse needs and preferences, featuring beautiful gardens and perfumed rose garden and art installations including a number of elephants, numerous grand event spaces, a fitness centre, an outdoor pool, and bicycle rental services.

The area around Bolzano is brimming with activities, ranging from wandering through Ortisei’s pedestrian zone to admiring the stunning Tovel Lake. With the hotel’s proximity to a variety of restaurants and attractions, such as the Otzi the Iceman exhibit at the Museum of Archaeology, guests will find no shortage of things to see and do.

A stay at Parkhotel Laurin is an immersion into a realm where historical charm blends with contemporary elegance, ensuring every aspect is crafted for a memorable encounter. Whether drawn by the art, the atmosphere, the facilities, or the charm of Bolzano itself, Parkhotel Laurin offers an experience that is as unforgettable as it is opulent.

Parkhotel Laurin (rates from €148 per night in June/July in double room, b&b)