Sky-High Woofs: Bark Air’s Fur-st Class service 

ByAndrea Thompson

June 14, 2024

Bark Air, the pioneering airline created for dogs and their human companions, has launched with the aim of transforming pet travel.

Founded by Matt Meeker, inspired by his journeys with his beloved Great Dane, Hugo, Bark Air is set to change the way pets fly.

Bark Air was founded to address the difficulties pet owners encounter while traveling with their pets. Conventional airlines typically confine dogs to cargo areas or small under-seat carriers, causing stress for both animals and their owners. Bark Air provides a “white paw experience,” treating all dogs as VIPs from the moment of booking until they disembark, ensuring a first-class service.

Travelers on Bark Air are treated to a luxurious and serene experience. The airline utilizes Gulfstream G5 jets, providing generous space for both dogs and their owners to unwind. The cabins offer relaxation aids such as blankets infused with pheromones, tranquil music, and towels scented with lavender.

Offering a selection of beverages for your dogs, including bone broth served during takeoff and landing to alleviate ear discomfort, and of course, their own BARK-branded treats and snacks throughout the flight.

The cost of this exclusive service reflects the premium experience, with one-way tickets around $6,000 for a dog and their human companion.  This may sound expensive but includes all amenities, pampering and comfort for you and your canine companion.

Bark Air currently operates flights from New York to Los Angeles and London, with expansion plans to include cities such as Paris, Chicago, and Miami. They are fully focused on pet comfort and human convenience, making them an attractive choice for owners who wish to travel with their pets, whether for leisure or business, without compromising their dogs’ well-being.

Bark Air is not just an airline; it’s a statement that dogs deserve the same level of care and comfort as humans when traveling. With its dog-first approach, Bark Air is setting a new standard in the aviation industry, one that is sure to be welcomed by pet lovers worldwide.

For those who consider their pets as family, Bark Air offers an unparalleled travel experience that is worth every penny.