Snack attack at 30,000 feet: Here’s what some low-cost airlines allow

ByAndrea Thompson

May 7, 2024

As the warm weather beckons and vacation plans begin to take shape, you might find yourself longing for a getaway or counting down the days to a planned trip. However, the high cost of airport food can quickly deplete your travel funds. In these times of rising living costs, it’s smart to cut corners where possible.

Bearing this in mind, here’s a brief overview of what food items you can take through security. Keep in mind that food and drink import regulations differ from country to country, so checking the rules for your specific destination is essential.

Are you allowed to bring food through airport security?

The UK Government advises: “Items such as food and powders in your carry-on can block images on x-ray machines, leading to additional manual checks by security. To avoid hold-ups, consider packing these items in your checked luggage.”

Easyjet’s Policy:

Easyjet’s official site confirms that “passengers are welcome to bring their own food aboard. While a variety of tasty options are available for purchase in-flight, passengers can carry food into the cabin. Liquid foods are limited to 100ml, like soups or custards. Hot beverages are allowed if bought at the airport and securely lidded”.

For more details on Easyjet’s food and drink policy, visit their website.

Ryanair’s Approach:

Ryanair passengers can rest easy knowing they’re encouraged to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks on board. The airline does, however, prohibit hot beverages and alcohol for safety reasons. They state: “For safety, hot drinks and personal alcohol consumption are not permitted on board.” So, while you can pack your favourite snacks and soft drinks, save the hot coffee and alcoholic beverages for later.

Jet2’s Regulations:

Jet2 stands out with its unique policy. “Passengers are not allowed to bring hot food or drinks onto the plane”. But not to worry, Jet2 offers a wide array of food and beverages for purchase during your flight to satisfy your cravings.

So, pack your snacks wisely and enjoy your journey but remember to always check before you travel.